HEARTBEAT OF HEAVEN - on a bad day.

HEARTBEAT OF HEAVEN TET 13500 {(Fortune’s Dearest x Lifting Me Higher) x Doyle Pierce} 32”, LM, Sev, Re, fr, 6-3/4” (with a range of 6-7-1/2”), 4-way branching with 2 laterals and 15-25 buds (30-35 in the greenhouse) with an average of 20. Rich clear pink lavender with a large diamond dusted ivory halo faintly etched in darker lavender; multiple edge is dark lav/light lav/ 5/8” ivory trimmed in gold (sometimes ivory is butter yellow); yellow green throat. Opens flat even when cool. Minnesota rebloomer. Stunning flower when at its best, and even on an average day it will take your breath away. However, bloom shape and color is not as consistent as I’d like in very cool or very hot weather (see smaller photo above). Fabulous parent, produces seedlings which are hardy, good openers, most late-mid to early late season, with fancy and sometimes sharky edges. Pod parent is my sharky 16399. Doyle Pierce is {(Mrs. John Cooper x Big Blue) x Tet LBB}). Hardy at Springwood, but performs better at our Zone garden in the city, so recommend growing it in a more protected spot in colder areas of Zone 4. Very fertile both ways.

HEARTBEAT OF HEAVEN seedlings pictured on the website include 4502, 8102, 10602, 26002, 28402, 29002, 30002, 5003, 5703, 9803, 13403, 19103, 19803, 21503, 23103, A285, A657, A676, 14304, 17304, 32504, 35304, 48104, 22503, 22603, 23303, 60502, 61102, P700.