KINGDOM WITHOUT END    TET 57802{ (Tim Kornder x Born to Reign) x Darla Anita}, 26” (range of 22”-28”), M, Sev, instant MN rebloom on almost all scapes, fr, 6” (range of 6”-7”depending on recurving), EMO even on very cold mornings, 4-way branching most years with 2-lats + V (range of 3-5 way) and 5-way some years, 18 buds (range of 12-25). Clear rose cranberry violet grape with lavender wash; lavender plus ivory white edge; butter yellow to lime green throat. Edge will show sharks in the 90’s. Clear color, flawless blooms on every scape on every plant every day (no spotting from rain or dew or insects), blooms for weeks, great scape, great foliage, super hardy, blossoms self-cleaning (not gloppy the next morning), perfect presentation every day. A standout from its initial bloom and a visitor magnet. Super parent, especially for white and sharky edges. Fertile both ways. As close to a perfect plant and flower that I have ever grown. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Click on this link to see some of its offspring ………….limited