DEFINING MOMENT   TET 26305 [[{(Tomorrow’s Glory x Absolute Treasure) x Born to Reign} x (No More Tears x Tet Painted Rose)] x{(Eyes on the Prize x Belle Cooke) x Born to Reign}], 36”, M, Sev, fr, 6.5”, 4-way branching (ranging from 3-7) with 18 buds (range of 10-24; registered at 15 buds in crowded year with drought). Blood red with soft cranberry pink watermark, gold filigree, green throat, no overlapping segments. It has many looks – usually showing movement and pinching, with pleating in the throat most pronounced on cooler days. Some days it is more round. Very rapid grower (leave a lot of room) with lots of scapes. Well-spaced laterals that display the flowers well. Very hardy and vigorous, but does not like to be divided in the heat of the summer and may go dormant (if it happens, and looks like it has died, don’t worry – it will come back the next year just fine). Introduced as a gift plant for the 2011 Region 1 summer meeting and tour, so limited quantity.