Broken Chains

Broken Chains


TET 34209 [(Gnashing of Teeth x Chariot of Clouds) x Desire of Nations].
6”, 32” to top of scape (36” including the flower), 3-way branching (range of 2-3), 17 buds (range of 14-20)
(I would expect somewhat higher budcount and branching in warmer zones based on greenhouse performance),
between late mid and late season, EMO, Sev, fr, some MN instant Re.

Cranberry purple with a chalky dark lavender eye, chalky dark lavender edge plus ivory plus a few teeth, green throat. Consistently good performer year after year and day after day, even in the 2012 “Midwest malaise” year. Gorgeous flowers. Many different looks (variations in color and teeth), depending on the temperature. Great addition to the late garden. Very fertile both ways. FABULOUS PARENT. Large percentage of its kids are beautiful and hardy, with lots of chalky eyes and teeth and clear color. Most bloom on the later side because of my genetics.

Click Here to see some of its kids in a PDF.
Click Here to see some of its grandkids in a PDF.