Free The Captives

Free The Captives


TET 61609 [ (Repeat the Sounding Joy x Faith That Moves Mountains) x (Storm Shelter x sdlg], where the seedling incudes Dixie Rhythm, Tet LBB, Mildred Mitchell, Intelligent Design, and a sdlg. 7 (8 early in the season and 6.5 late), 38 (plus flower), 6-way (range of 4-6 way) when mature and adequate water and not crowded otherwise 5-way, 32 buds (range of 24-39), LM, fr, Re (but not MN), Dor.

Grape cranberry with lots of veining; velvety cranberry plus merlot plus cranberry feathered eye; merlot plus dark lavender plus silver edge; green throat. Magnificent, clear, saturated, unspotted blooms. Nicely spaced laterals with well-spaced flowers; scapes sometimes curve. Gorgeous in heat; poor sepals in cold weather. Large, heavy flowers and LOTS per scape, so in one year during its testing period the scapes leaned 45 degrees (i.e 1:30 on a clock) but fine other years.
Fertile both ways, but haven’t seen many kids yet since always an “outside” flower.

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