Gathering Of Nations

Gathering Of Nations


TET 40807 [sdlg x sdlg]. Lots of different parents in these sdlgs, including Gnashing of Teeth, Heartbeat of Heaven, Storm Shelter, Jane Trimmer, Tet LBB, Lake Effect, Uppermost Edge, Wolf Eyes, Regal Majesty, Clothed in Glory, etc. 7” (range of 7-9”), 24” (plus flower), 3-way branching (up to 6-way in the greenhouse) 12 buds (8-10 unprotected location, 12-17 in protected location some years), Sev, some MN instant Re every couple of years.

Lavender pink with etched neon violet lavender eye and edge; chartreuse throat. Easy opener but not quite an EMO. A “show stopper” in the greenhouse on a beautiful scape, but low budcount outside in zone 4 and inconsistent flower form and color. Fertile both ways. A fabulous parent for large (7-8”), gorgeous, hardy, distinctive flowers (although often with a budcount of 10-12). Will breed patterns, especially several generations down the line (see link to kids on website). Although not a spotter itself, some of the kids are, so be careful what you use it with. Numerous grandkids and great-grandkids etc. will likely be intros in future years, but I’ve had a lower than expected probability of an intro in the first generation, where I get killer faces with only 10 buds, or plants with tons of buds but some spots or tangles. I know the right stuff is in there, but haven’t figured out the key to easily unlocking it in the first generation. Perhaps you will be able to. Because it is not a good garden flower in zone 4, it is available only as a GIFT (with a $300 order) to anyone who would like to use it for breeding – but you must indicate on your order form that it is for your personal use only and not to be sold or given as a gift. Hopefully, it will perform a lot better in zones 5 and up (let me know), and some will wonder why in the world I gave it away as a gift? If there are enough reports and pictures over 2-3 years in warmer zones that indicate it would meet my standards in those zones, I might allow it to be more widely distributed.
(Note: if you prefer, I will substitute Vision of Things to Come from last year)

Click Here to see some of its kids in a PDF.
Click Here to see some of its grandkids and great grandkids in a PDF.