Kingdom Bound

Kingdom Bound


TET 52310 [Entwined in the Vine x All Things to All Men], 7.25” (range of 7-7.5”), 32” (35” with flower) when mature, 5-way branching (range of 3-6), 26 buds (range of 18-37), fr, Dor, LM, some MN instant Re.

Soft lavender pink, violet etched multi lavender eye; triple edge of violet plus lavender plus ivory with some teeth, chartreuse throat. Gorgeous scape with great spacing. Easy pollen parent; almost impossible pod parent. Great pattern breeder – wide variety in the kids, combining the best attributes of Entwined in the Vine and All Things to All Men - see pics of offspring on website

Click Here to see some of its kids in a PDF.