No Ordinary Child

No Ordinary Child


TET 27809 [{(Chariot of Clouds x Skin of My Teeth) x Not Guilty} x{ (Born to Reign x Joan Derifield) x Heartbeat of Heaven}] So many wonderful parents in this one! 6 (5.5 late in the season), 20 plus flower, 2.5 way branching (range of 2-4), 17 buds (range of 10-29), LM, fr, Sev, Re (but not MN).

Merlot with icy pink lavender eye and edge, yellow to green throat. Distinctive, mesmerizing color combination in the self and the eye. Good opener but not EMO or CMO. Based on its strong greenhouse performance, I think budcount and branching and height will be better in warmer zones. Fertile both ways and super easy pod parent. I have a nice intro coming from it in a couple of years and looking forward to seeing lots of kids from it this spring.

Click Here to see some of its kids in a PDF.