Trials Of Job

Trials Of Job


TET 52708 [(sdlg x Secret of Contentment) x Gathering of Nations] where the sdlg includes things like Storm Shelter, Jane Trimmer, Tet LBB, Uppermost Edge, Wolf Eyes, Pirate Lady, Light of the World, Lake Effect, Heartbeat of Heaven, etc. 7.5” (range of 7-8”), 30” (range of 30-38”), 4-way but lots of 5-way, 25 buds (range of 18-28), Dor, some MN instant Rebloom, ML, fr.

Blooms here until the end of August when most things are done. Picture perfect scape. Dark cranberry pink; merlot eye; merlot and ivory yellow edge; green throat. One of my BEST parents for dormant, hardy, well-branched, taller kids. Will breed patterns, eyes, solids. Click here to see pictures of some of its kids and click here to see grandkids and great-grandkids. Why the name? Although it does have some excellent days, it tangles and spots more than half the time, so it is NOT RECOMMENDED AS A GARDEN PLANT. Because of its flaws, it may not be re-sold or gifted – please note your acceptance of that on your order form. Also, please don’t post pictures of it on facebook on a bad day – you will make me sad? Despite its flaws, it is such a wonderful northern parent that I wanted to give others the chance to use it. Just be careful not to put it with tanglers and “crackers”. That said, I’ve seen no problems at all with the grandkids. Not an easy pod parent but easy pollen. Available to hybridizers as a gift with a $300 order (or Gathering of Nations if you prefer with the same stipulations), or by itself for $150 with the same stipulation that it is for personal use only.

Click here to see pictures of its kids.
Click here to see pictures of its grandkids.