Book Of Life

Book Of Life


TET 41112 (sdlg x Skin of My Teeth), where the seedling includes things like Chariot of Clouds, Shores of Time, Heartbeat of Heaven, Remembering Joan, Rock of Salvation, and Gnashing of Teeth. 6" (range of 5.5-6.5"), 36" when mature (and some years 40"), 5-way (range of 3-7 way in a given clump), 26 buds (range of 17-42 in a clump), M, Dor, fr, Minnesota instant rebloom on half the fans. Beautiful clear saturated Welch's grape; lavender eye and edge plus silver and ivory wire and has white sharks unless it is cool weather (picture 1); yellow to green throat. It took me 5 years to notice that although it is a good opener it can take until 9AM to open on cold mornings, and there is also a small area without color at the end of each sepal. It is easily fertile both ways and a wonderful parent for hardy flowers with saturated color, chalky eyes, fancy edges, and good scapes.

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$75.00 D.F.