Floodgates Of Heaven

Floodgates Of Heaven


TET 39613 [(Cosmic Struggle x a complicated sdlg) x Flying Purple People Eater]. 9" (to 9.5"), 38" when mature, 4-way with 20 buds in test location (5-way with 25-30 buds on new planting in better location), M, Dor, fr, only a little occasional instant Re in Minnesota, almost EMO. Grape magenta; grape lavender plus lighter lavender eye; small lavender edge; chartreuse throat. Picture 1 is on its most dramatic day so you can see breeding possibilities. My goal when using Flying Purple People Eater was to increase the size of my purple flowers and still retain most of their fancy edges-not easy to do! Fertile both ways but pods not usually easy to set.

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$125.00 D.F.