Pray Without Ceasing

Pray Without Ceasing


TET 42212 (sdlg x sdlg) Lineage is made up of complicated seedlings plus All Things to All Men. Some of its great grandparents have very bluish chalky eyes. 6", 30", 4-way (range of 2-6 way in a given clump), 20 buds ( range of 16-27 in a clump) but can be 3-way and 15 buds if very crowded, M (to ML), Dor, fr, instant Re in MN on all fans in 2018 but just some in previous years, EMO. Grape cranberry magenta; large icy pale lavender eye and edge plus ivory, yellow, and gold; yellow to green throat. Oh, my, what can I say! This flower is MESMERIZING, GORGEOUS, UNIQUE, a great bouquet bloomer - and people gasp when they see it. In the shade it looks like it is glowing in the dark (the colors in these pictures are accurate). Fertile both ways. It has easily made astonishingly beautiful kids for me which are hardy and well-branched. You might remember how strongly I recommended All Things to All Men as a parent. Many of you have shared with me or on facebook how happy you are that you got it and that you are seeing wonderful kids from it - I am just as enthusiastic about this one, especially if you are breeding for chalky eyes.

Click here to see some of its kids
Click here to see some of its grandkids

$200.00 D.F.