Sea Of Glass

Sea Of Glass


TET 24712 Desire of Nations x {sdlg x [(Storm Shelter x Jane Trimmer) x All Things to All Men]}. 5.5", 26", 4-way, 22 buds (some years 5-way and 26 buds or 3-way and 18 if crowded), ML, Dor, fr, some to lots to almost all fans with instant rebloom in Minnesota depending on the year. Cold morning opener - one of the best in the garden at 50 degrees after rain. Flawless, consistent blooms. Cranberry grape (darker in cool temps as you can see in these pictures); icy gray lavender eye and edge plus ivory; yellow to green throat. Very distinctive color combination, and the indented/notched eye gives it even extra personality and is passed on to offspring. Fertile both ways, and it is the parent of one of the best parents I have ever bloomed - a future numbered 18014. I didn't use Sea of Glass much when it first bloomed in the GH since I couldn't figure out how to make it better, and I also didn't believe anything that beautiful would thrive in Minnesota so what was the point of making crosses - dumb me- and then it was sent outdoors for testing where I don't make crosses. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of its kids in 2019.

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$100.00 D.F.