Written In Stone

Written In Stone


TET 43313 [Cloud Rider x (All Things to All Men x a very complicated pink sdlg that includes things like Shores of Time and Chariot of Clouds)]. 6.5-7", 36" (shorter when first lined out), 4-way, 17 buds (range of 13-24 in a clump), M, Sev, fr, Minnesota instant rebloom on more than half the fans in some years, EMO but can tangle when cold. Pale lavender pink; large pale yellow eye and edge; green throat. Thick substance; holds great in the sun. When newly planted it can be similar in look to parent Cloud Rider but when mature it is quite different - lighter and pinker, an inch bigger, much more ruffled, and a better scape. Fertile both ways and a wonderful and interesting parent, making kids of several colors.

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$100.00 D.F.