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Springwood Gardens is a family-owned mail order nursery which specializes in breeding fancy, northern hardy, tetraploid daylilies with great color, many of which are outstanding breeders. Each order is important, and I personally choose and box each plant. Plants are state-inspected. Shipping is by priority mail from March 15 to June 30 (although if I have time to ship after that I will). $15 for the first plant and $3 for each additional plant. Check or money order should be made payable to Springwood Gardens. U.S shipments only. Prices are for a double fan. I ship large plants, although sometimes the size is weather or cultivar dependent. I promise you will be very happy with the size of your order as a whole. All Springwood introductions have been grown and tested outside before selection. They are not babied or given special care. They are planted on top of a cold, windswept hill with almost no snow cover. The ground around the daylilies is covered with a couple of inches of hardwood bark for weed control. They are given at least an inch of water a week during the growing season and only rarely any fertilizer. During bloom season, nights are typically in the 60’s and days in the 80’s and 90’s, but in making evaluations, I also watch how the flowers open when temps are in the 50’s. Most of the dormants are lined out outside. The semi-evergreens are lined out in the greenhouse (where they are grown in the ground in raised beds, receiving only regular fertilizer and water and sprayed for insects as needed), enabling you to receive large, high quality, blooming size plants when it’s most convenient for you in the spring. I recognize that not everyone is enamored of plants grown in greenhouses, but in our climate it’s usually the only way I’m able to ship before early June! Bloom occurs in April and May in the greenhouse, and it is likely you will receive a plant that has already scaped (happy to send scapes for pollen if I have them). Most buyers report first year bloom (and often rebloom) on the majority of the plants that I send, although not usually in sync with their peak bloom time. Northerners will find that their plants will re-establish more quickly if they request delivery after the soil has warmed up in their area and after hard frosts are expected.

Please note: Dormant introductions that are lined out outside may not be ready until late May; I will ship them at my expense if separate shipping is requested. Dormant introductions that are lined out in the greenhouse will be ready much earlier, but not all of them will perform “normally” - with strong scapes and fancy edges - until the following summer, since most of them need colder winter temperatures than I can give them in the greenhouse to “show their stuff.” So not to worry - they will be fine.




Springwood Gardens’ introductions are guaranteed for a year in zone 4 and higher if grown in normal garden conditions (e.g. grown in the ground rather than in pots, not in standing water, watered as needed, soil not overly compacted); that bark or other mulch is put around the plants to keep the roots cool and moist (no extra winter mulching needed); and that they’re not divided when first received or during the first year. (Note: it’s best to avoid dividing or transplanting daylilies when they are stressed by high temps or drought, and northerners report better success dividing daylilies in spring or early summer, rather than in the fall.)


Peak bloom outside is usually late July to mid August; peak bloom in the greenhouse is usually mid-April to late May. The greenhouse and garden are open by appointment any time of the day to members of daylily clubs. Garden clubs, seniors groups, church groups, etc. are welcome to visit the garden by appointment (and if time, I will do a formal tour for groups of 8-10 or more).

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